Revenge of the Son of the Return of the Blog

I appear to be at that point at which I arrive every year or so when I strive to recommit myself to regularly posting on this blog. You know I'm at that point because I usually post something like this, largely as an accountability tool for myself, to remind myself that a) this blog exists and b) it's a worthwhile endeavor to post here regularly.

Of course, the whole genre of "blog" seems to be a bit passé these days, as we've moved into the vast unknown realm of Substack. But for my purposes, I think this blog is still a useful outlet for at least the "first draft" of my thoughts and ideas, as well as my response to current events. Whether anyone ever reads them, of course, is another matter.

My hope is that this will help me to develop, or re-develop, a writing discipline, so that I can finish the multiple projects that have been languishing on my to-do list for some time. Although, I suppose I should note that in the fine blogging tradition, things will go in whatever direction my reduced attention span wants to take them -- religion and politics? Definitely. Current events? Absolutely. Philosophy and ethics? Certainly! But also popular culture, music, games, movies, or whatever else crosses the transom of my mind.

So, with that all said, watch this space, and we'll see whether or not I actually fulfill my promise to myself and get back to blogging again on the regular!

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