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March 23, 2013



SPOT ON! I watched this week as a parish tried to "reach out" through an ad about Holy Week services. It did an okay job of explaining the what, but then went on to describe it's Maundy Thursday service as "very intense". Instead of adjusting to be welcoming of the newcomer, it only offered a warning. I'm a priest and a "very intense" Maundy Thursday service puts me off. We, as the church, have to recognize we're on the outskirts. This may be more obvious in San Francisco, but the numbers show it's the trend. There is also a challenge with faith articulation, SBNR, Nones, and Atheists all seem to be lumped into the same category. Plenty of people ARE finding community to practice their faith outside the church-I find community in the church and in my yoga community. Saw similar community building through the AIDS movement and Team in Training and the like. Thank you for sharing this. It's time for a broader, more self aware perspective. Progressive church has a lot to offer and we have a lot to learn.

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