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July 30, 2012



I think your analysis of both movie and interview are pretty much spot on. The 2 guys critiquing, or rather criticizing the film totally miss the point of the film. It isn't a critique of Christ, rather it is a critique of the church, and a darn funny one. I think that both things serve to highlight the theme of Dan Kimball's book of a few years ago, that being "They Like Jesus, But Not The Church."

That being said, when discussing and lamenting the so-called culture wars one I think a fair question to ask is: "who started it?" Granted, there are and have been good reasons for having disdain for the church in some of her manifestations. But is there nothing that can be said of the church that is or has ever been uplifting, socially and/or personally redeeming, or in the least bit positive?
I think there would be far less outrage and willingness to laugh at oneself if it were possible to find in popular culture the least little bit of perspective. We don't ever get that, and so people chafe, possibly wrongly and inappropriately at times, at that lack of balance. Out of the thousands of planes that take off and land each day, we will only ever hear about the one that crashes. Is that balance? Perspective?

If you are a parent you've probably made mistakes. Serious ones. But ask yourself if you would only like to be remembered for those mistakes.

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