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April 12, 2009


Rachel Rev

I agree. It's definitely about Gingrich.


I've read two sorts of critiques of the Knox pick... that he's "anti-Catholic", and that he's gay. I agree that opposition to Knox on the basis of his sexuality or his advocacy of gay rights is absurd. But his calling supporters of Prop. 8 "foot soldiers of a discredited army of oppression" does not recommend Knox as the best candidate for a panel that does, as you say, span the ideological spectrum. I'd object to someone like Pat Robertson being on the panel for the same reason. The question, I think, is how much respect Knox will show to those who disagree with him on political issues, and here I think he's already given other people of faith good reason to be nervous.

He's surely a man of faith, that is, but he doesn't seem to play well with others, and I imagine Obama could have found a number of people better suited for the post. The problem isn't that he supports or opposes gay rights, but that he seems to have no interest in understanding those who disagree with him on the matter.

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