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February 20, 2008


Julian Sanchez

Honestly? Because I had a limited word count. My original draft had several paragraphs examining "critique books" like Watchmen, The Boys, Squadron Supreme, Miracleman, the early part of Morrison's run on The Authority, etc. etc. The editorial judgment call there, and I think this was correct, was that in a few thousand words, it wasn't going to be possible to effectively lay out the main idea vis a vis the mainstream books and also do any kind of meaningful discussion of the critique books in a way that would be intelligible to a non-comics audience. But hey, if someone wants to commission a follow-up piece, it's half written.

Scott Paeth

Fair enough. I don't want you to get the idea I didn't like the article, because I did. I just thought that the other angle was worth addressing. Heres' hoping someone commissions that follow up from you!

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