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March 27, 2006


Robert N. Emerson

The problem with "improving the security situation" is that we're an outside force that will never, without wide scale pacification, supress disdain of our presence or an insurgency.

We should not be resting our pull out strategy on "100% stability", but more on an environment of stability. Once the government is working, as well as their security forces, we should have begun to scale back presence and/or cycle peacekeepers.

It's roughly similiar to the quagmire, yeah I know, bad word, of Vietnam - Johnson got us into a helluva mess and kept thinking of it as a "winning" scenario. Kennedy had it right, before he was killed, about getting out of SE Asia back in 63ish.

If it wasn't for the theory that pulling out to soon would leave a vaccum that Iran would flow into, I'd push for a quick pullout, but I'm not ready for a Persian Empire revival.

Gotta love hornets nests, unless you're gonna burn the whole hive up, it's best not to poke it with a stick. Feh!


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