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March 04, 2006


St Wendeler

Scott - First, I referred to all of those that had a kneejerk reaction to Atrios' post as "nutters." And it's a phrase that I've employed often.

Second, thanks for catching the "justified recognition" bit... certainly an oversight on my part. However, I did not see the phrase that only Christianity justified recognition by the State of Missouri. It seems that the non-binding resolution seeks to recognize the contribution of Christianity, not the religion itself.

It's clear that this non-binding resolution is in response to increased pressure on state & local governments to remove religious displays from public property, disallow prayers before football games, graduations, etc... not by school administrators, but by students themselves.

And finally, in response to:
When I vote for a legislator, I'm not voting for a high priest! "As elected officials" they are simply not authorized to "recognize" that a Greater Power exists.

I assume that "endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights" is not recognition of a higher power in your mind?

Thanks for the comments, btw...

The thrust of my post was that Atrios (true to form) did not do any legwork to even find the text of the resolution, and simply implied that the state of MO is moving toward theocracy. He relied on KMOV to frame the resolution... and both could have served their readers better.

Perhaps in the future, you'll be more careful in what little "content" Atrios provides.

If only I could get payola for posting Open Threads & copying/pasting!

Scott Paeth

Well, as long as you've used the term "nutter" often, I suppose it's ok then! After all, it's not an insult if you say it all the time.

St Wendeler

Scott - I've updated my post to reflect the revelation you provided and to thank you for the enlightenment (puns intended). Also, I've apologized for calling you a "nutter," but I must say that many of those that see this as the establishment of a theocracy in Missouri could rightly be described in such a manner.

St Wendeler

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