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March 01, 2006




When I first came across the "Worst Professor" poll I meant to shoot off an email to you expressing my disappointment that you weren't on the list (but we'll discuss this at the next party meeting); your students' comments on Ratemyprofessor are redeeming, however.

Especially revealing are the comments of the student who chides you for teaching as if you were still at Princeton. Way to go, Captain Self-Esteem. Wrap that mantle of mediocrity around your shoulders and rain curses on those who don't take you for the loser you think yourself to be. No “Man’s reach should exceed his grasp” for you; instead we’ll just move everything to a lower shelf.

That's all. You can go back to kicking undergrad ass. But really, Scott, we do have to talk about your recruitment quotas. Not enough of your students have seen ‘Brokeback Mountain’.

Don’t make us bring you back to Idaho for some ‘re-education’.

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